CALGARY, Alberta (January 21, 2020) — Link Investment Management Inc. (“Link”), an innovative provider of employer-sponsored compensation and pension plans, has partnered with GBL Inc. (“GBL”), an actuarial consulting firm who are experts on Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), Retirement Compensation Agreements (RCAs) and Health Benefit Plans for business owners. Link and GBL are pleased to announce that through this partnership, that GBL will now offer their clients the LINK Multi Employer Pension Plan, Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans, and other saving vehicles through Link’s industry-leading software solution.

With a 25-year history, GBL has an extensive background of bringing tax-deductible retirement solutions to small business owners while also offering the financial advisors they work with the ability to diversify the portfolio options available to their clients. The new partnership with Link allows GBL to expand its IPP and RCA retirement packages to include Link’s ALPP, a multi-employer pension plan, and other tax beneficial Group RRSPs.

Link’s platform offers best-in-class performance that reduces the burden of administering group retirement and savings plans for employers, while also providing a simple and convenient experience for employees. The retirement solutions and ALPP offer suitable, cost-effective options that help create better retirement outcomes for plan members.

“This arrangement is a testament to the benefits that Link’s group retirement solutions, like the ALPP, can bring to both Albertan and other Canadian-based small and mid-size businesses.” says GBL President, Navaz Cassam. “This is a compelling addition to our suite of small and mid-sized business tailored financial solutions. It allows us to better service our clients by giving them additional comprehensive options for their retirement plans.”
“We believe our partnership with GBL will help extend the range and strength of our ALPP and Group RRSPs while, at the same time, offering additional options for strong retirement vehicles to GBL’s clients and the clients of the Financial Advisors that work with them.“ says Brian McClennon, President and CEO of Link. “Our Canadian built SaaS platform is the perfect fit for GBL’s clients by offering a simple solution for the administration of their retirement and savings plans.”

About Link Investment Management Inc.

Link Investment Management provides business solutions for workplace savings, equity, and health plan administration. From our headquarters in Calgary, the Link team delivers group plan solutions with a goal of providing better retirements for all Canadians. Our innovative, fully digital software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform empowers plan administrators and plan members with simple, affordable, and efficient plan management. We work directly with companies of all sizes and through channel partners to create the best solutions at an affordable price.

Contact: Brian McClennon, President and CEO
Phone: 403-802-6060

About GBL Inc.

Founded in 1995 by Gordon Lang, GBL is an actuarial consulting firm which brings unique expertise to help small and mid size business owners and incorporated professionals solve their tax and retirement planning challenges. Since its inception, GBL has established more than 2,000 Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) and more than 500 Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) across Canada. GBL is also a recognized leader in Fair Market Valuations of Life Insurance (FMVs) and cross-border strategies.

Contact: Navaz Cassam, President
Phone: 403-249-1820