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We enable our partners to drive business through transformative technology in the workplace savings and pension space.

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Attract Quality Talent

Attract top talent with an innovative saving and retirement plan that is more comprehensive and competitive than any other solution on the market. At LINK, we understand the importance of tailoring a financial plan to each individual’s specific needs. LINK enables a better retirement for your employees by aligning their investments with their personal risk profile, encouraging them to save more and unlocking new opportunities for long term savings.

Reward High Performing Employees

Employee recognition is a fundamental human need. Motivate top-performing employees to do even better with a financial wellness program that helps employees achieve their financial life goals. LINK’s comprehensive solution helps employers implement innovative compensation plans in a matter of weeks, not months.

Retain Great People

When great employees leave, productivity decreases, morale suffers, and colleagues are overwhelmed with an increased workload. Reduce costly turnovers while simplifying your administration process with LINK’s easy-to-use workplace compensation plans.

Explore LINK’s comprehensive financial workplace solutions designed for employers to meet both company and employee goals.

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