Empower your employees and enjoy the industry’s simplest ESPP commission and fee structure

You want your business to succeed.

You want your workforce to want your business to succeed.

Achieve both goals with an Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP) from Link Investment Management.

An ESPP is an extremely powerful employee motivator that helps you attract, reward and retain the key talent your business needs to succeed. In recent years, an industry survey reported that 16% of workers consider the ESPP their most important benefit—with that number having climbed 10 percentage points in just two years.

Link is an innovative disruptor in workplace equity, health and savings plan management. An ESPP from Link is a powerful incentive that aligns your employees’ interest with shareholders, and makes them fully invested in your company’s performance as they share in its prosperity.

Whether you have an existing plan or are considering introducing one, a Link ESPP can reduce your administrative burden and empower your employees at the same time, with benefits that include:

  • The simplest ESPP commission and fee structure in the industry;
  • The same tax benefits as an RRSP or a TFSA;
  • The compounding benefits of automatic dividend reinvestment;
  • Convenient and regular investing through automatic payroll deduction;
  • Flexible and configurable employer contributions;
  • Custom employee communication and education seminars; and
  • Ultimately, more money for your employees, since they’re no longer paying an advisor.

Are you ready to “take stock” of the opportunities this could offer? Connect with us to learn more about Link’s ESPPs, and how they can help transform your employees into investors—who truly feel invested.