Tax-free savings vehicles tie employee interest and performance to corporate goals

How do you create an appetite for productivity? Well, a slice of the pie never hurts.

Profit sharing plans are one of the most effective ways to motivate your workforce—aligning employee interest and performance with corporate goals.

“Profit sharing and company ownership arrangements create a powerful bond between workers and employers, and can motivate people to be more productive and creative,” a talent recruitment executive recently noted.

Link Investment Management is a growing innovator in workplace equity, health and savings plan management, and our Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSPs) can engage your workforce and reward their important contributions to your company’s bottom line.

Link’s DPSPs are attractive to your employees because:

  • All gains continue to grow tax-free, with sharing of profits through a registered savings plan;
  • They offer a variety of suitable investment options, regardless of investment knowledge or interest level; and
  • Employees continue to accumulate savings, without having to make contributions.

And what about your business? Link’s DPSPs have plenty of upside for the employer as well:

  • They help your company drive employee engagement, attract top talent, reduce costly turnover and gain a competitive advantage;
  • Contributions and operating costs are tax deductible;
  • They reduce your administrative and regulatory burden, while delivering a transparent fee structure; and
  • There’s no requirement for the plan sponsor (that’s you) to contribute in years where no profits are accrued.

Connect with us today to learn more. Because a slice of that pie really does provide “just desserts” for everyone.