Worry less, save more with Link’s innovative workplace financial wellness plans

Fund management fees. Transaction fees. Account administration fees. Redemption fees. Exchange fees. Short-term trading fees.

On and on it goes. Oh, and somewhere in there is your retirement nest egg . . . slowly shrinking, too. In recent years, more and more questions have been asked about the fee structure involved with retirement and workplace savings plans—and with good reason.

Employers, how well do you know the fee structure of your company’s pension or group RRSP plan? Are you doing your fiduciary duty?

Are you doing right by your people?

Employees, do you know where your money is going? Do you know why those fees are being charged?

Does it feel as though you’re being ripped off? Are you?

Workplace financial program providers have enjoyed a very comfortable ride for a very long time.

It’s time for that ride to stop.

Why you should be concerned about fees

It’s a proven fact—fees have a profound effect on the final overall value of an investment portfolio.

In the past, this was the picture. Employers chose (from the limited options available) a large legacy provider, in a large, expensive, bricks-and-mortar HQ, accumulating paper in warehouses —and covering these expenses with fees. Your fees. An avalanche of fees.

It was, and still is, impersonal, expensive, time-consuming, and limited in its potential—all the things that Link Investment Management is not.

Link is an innovator in the area of workplace financial wellness. Our fully digital, cloud-based platform and our personalized plan approach embrace today’s culture of innovation. And that means lower fees for businesses and their employees.

Link: Lower fees, stronger outcomes

Traditional providers still charge companies as much as 3%, depending on their investment choices and size of plan, in the face of a changing landscape that’s seeing greater demands for fee schedule transparency.

Link, on the other hand, charges about 1% to professionally manage each of your employees’ retirement assets—after determining an employee’s personal risk capacity, financial situation and investment objectives (using our custom-built robo-advisor), and generating a tailor-made investment portfolio consisting of low-cost exchange traded funds (ETF). Link also monitors your portfolio, providing ongoing, automatic rebalancing and an annual check on personal circumstances to ensure your investments continue to be right for you.

We’re also entirely up front and fully transparent about fees. Completely. Nothing hidden.

Lower fees = more choices

Lower fees can mean higher returns, less worry, more security and a better retirement. They also mean more choices. How do you like paying for lavish industry conferences? Helping sponsor and name sports arenas? Paying for an empty downtown high-rise office tower? Seeing them increase their dividends and do share buybacks, while your fees stay high?

Instead of feeding the corporate expense accounts, how about giving more to charities, endowments, non-profits, community-minded fundraisers—the people truly in need?

Times are changing. Link’s financial wellness benefit programs fit your business, they’re simple and straightforward, and they’re personally tailored to your employees’ needs.

And significantly, they won’t leave you “fee”-ling fleeced.