Link’s prescribed and personalized financial wellness plans remove the uncertainty or retirement.

Retirement. It’s a concept that’s almost unique as people themselves, whether it means sandy beaches, book clubs, mountain hikes, community volunteer work or quilting bees. And while retirement is a case of diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, one thing seems abundantly clear—people don’t like the idea of managing their own retirement portfolio.

These days, employees have lots of options when it comes to saving for retirement. Some might say too many. Whether the savings vehicle is a true pension plan or a group RRSP, it often requires the employee to make specific decisions on how that money is invested.

Overwhelming? Of course.

A revealing survey conducted in recent years suggests that 25 percent of Canadians are “clueless” about their current investment options, and that just 36% consider themselves at least somewhat knowledgeable about the investments they should make to optimize their retirement savings.

What’s more, 60% of the typical Canadian portfolio consists of cash, while more than half of respondents (51%) believe investing is like gambling, according to the survey. Ultimately, this means the retirement portfolios of far too many Canadians are not growing or being properly invested, even if they are saving.

The vast majority of employees have no finance or investment experience—and cannot, should not, making the big decisions that affect the ultimate value of their retirement savings.

Tailor-made, risk-appropriate portfolios

Link Investment Management is a growing innovator in the financial wellness workspace, with a particular panache for small to midsize businesses.

Link’s workplace financial wellness plans remove the guesswork and the uncertainty. Whether it’s our defined contribution LINK Multi Employer Pension Plan, group RRSPs or group TFSAs, our approach helps restore the comfort factor to retirement savings, through:

  • Link’s proprietary digital platform, Link Plan Management, and its simple, straightforward and quick online enrolment.
  • A comprehensive questionnaire to determine an employee’s risk tolerance, investment objectives, and situational needs;
  • Development of a personalized, risk-appropriate, diversified investment portfolio consisting of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs); and
  • Ongoing plan monitoring and rebalancing by Link’s team of experienced portfolio managers.

A plan as unique as you

Engaged employees are the beating heart of every workplace.

Link’s tailor-made financial wellness solutions not only remove the administrative burden from employers—they also eliminate employee uncertainty about what they should be investing in. More portfolio managers and investment counsellors are turning to the Link solution.

Our agile platform, best-in-breed technology solutions, and investment expertise help to create a retirement investment plan that’s as unique as you—and as unique as your retirement dreams.