Link’s proprietary, easy-to-use, digital platform helps portfolio advisors gain an edge in client engagement

The right tool for the job.

For portfolio advisors, working in the present COVID-19 reality, that ideal tool is versatile, convenient, understandable and accessible—from anywhere, at any time.

In other words, a solution currently offered by Link Investment Management.

In a recent article, the managing director of wealth management at Accenture says this is the time for advisors to consider the tools they’re using to engage with their clients. Gregory Smith also notes that the coronavirus pandemic has tested client engagement capabilities—and that this “new normal” offers a chance for advisors to leverage technology for a competitive edge.

“Your business model has been stress-tested,” says Smith, as quoted by “Learn from that and say, ‘If I now had to be prepared for a second wave or a new type of crisis, this is what I’d need.’ ”

Link Investment Management was launched in 2016 as a disruptive innovator in employer-sponsored compensation plans—with a proprietary digital platform that’s easy to use, has 24/7 access, and emphasizes quick online enrolment.

By combining this best-in-class technology with a passive investing model, total fee transparency, the use of low-cost Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs), and a robo-advisor using Link’s own algorithm, Link can give independent wealth advisors that much-needed competitive edge for small to midsize employers within their clientele.

“We offer a turnkey solution that independent advisors have already come to appreciate,” says Brian McClennon, President and CEO of Link. “And that solution, while built on our simple and convenient online platform, also includes portfolio management services, dedicated plan administration and support, and a wide range of plans on offer.”

In a competitive world, the Link solution gives portfolio advisors a “leg up” in a number of ways:

  • A wide range of plans, including Defined Contribution Pension Plans (DCPPs), Group TFSAs and RRSPs, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSPs), Employee Share Purchase Plans (ESPPs) and Health Spending Accounts (HSAs);
  • Comprehensive plan support for employers, empowering them to select the plan that is right for their employees; and
  • Greater reporting and insights, which can be used by advisors to help guide employee decision making.

Link’s own Multi-Employer Pension Plan, the defined contribution Alberta Link Pension Plan, is a prime example of an innovative solution that benefits advisors and their clients—providing significant efficiencies that lower costs, lessen administration and compliance burden, and reduce fiduciary responsibility and risk.

“Link’s workplace compensation offerings—whether they’re pension, equity or health spending plans —can enhance an advisor’s relationship with clients through a wide variety of options, comprehensive support and tailor-made solutions for small to midsize employers,” says Mr. McClennon.